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Korax' Heritage: Scattered Evil first beta release

Posted by RambOrc on 09 May 2012 22:36

The first public beta release of Scattered Evil is now available for download here. For further information, see this topic.



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KoraxRPG First Public Beta about to be released

Posted by RambOrc on 06 May 2012 20:19

The first public beta of Korax' Heritage: Scattered Evil is going to be available in the next days. In the meantime, a couple of screenshots:



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KoraxRPG Travel mode completed

Posted by RambOrc on 01 Feb 2012 12:50

With a total of 50 locations you can travel to and enter through the travel map, this part of the game is basically completed now. Below is a new screenshot of traveling.


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KoraxRPG Update: Traveling

Posted by RambOrc on 25 Nov 2011 17:32

Currently working on adding the province map (see the news item about it here) as a full in-game asset where you can travel to any city or town depicted on the map and enter actual 3D locations.

Below is a screenshot of the travel mode in action using the current KoraxRPG build.


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Korax Mod 4 Beta 3

Posted by RambOrc on 29 Oct 2011 17:01

KMOD 4 Beta 3 can be downloaded at ... p/download . Extract the ZIP file into a location on your hard drive and copy a version 1.1 hexen.wad into the kmod4beta3 folder.

In this release, all original maps have been replaced by modified versions, nearly all of them have new monsters (including a never before seen one, the flame turret) and about 1/4 have architectural modifications (episode 1 maps by Firebrand, episode 4 maps by RambOrc).

While testing, save often as the current build is prone to crashing under certain conditions.

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KMOD 4 Focus Testing: Entire 4th Episode

Posted by RambOrc on 03 Sep 2011 14:35

The entire 4th episode including 6 maps (Castle of Grief, Gibbet, Dungeons, Effluvium, Forsaken Outpust and secret level) is now available for testing.

New monsters have been hand placed in all maps, including a previously not available monster (magma stalker), making the total 9 different types of new monsters throughout the episode.


There are also some architectural upgrades in most maps, as well as a sizeable addition to the end fight room of the hub (note: later on, the Heresiarch will be replaced by a gang of Dark Advisors, currently they bug out in rooms with 3D floors).


How to play: download the ZIP below, extract it into the main KMOD 4 folder and add "-file tcsmaps.wad" to the startup options (or type "load tcsmaps.wad" in the console once the game is running).


(If you are reading this on the front page, you need to click on "comments" for the full display in the forum post.)

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Korax Arena (development) source code release

Posted by Firebrand on 04 Jul 2011 22:28

I've just finished uploading the korax arena (development) source code, this is an updated version of the source code similar to that of Korax RPG, which has been customized to update both the source code and resources to the latest version available on the SVN repository, which will allow anyone to play with the latest version of the development.

You can download it from our page, here's the link to it:

I've added the instructions to the ZIP file, but you can also read them directly from the download location, let me know if anyone has any problems building it, I've thoroughly tested it before uploading, but there could be problems, enjoy!

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