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The first playable result of our development of the Korax engine, this gameplay mod allows you to play the original Hexen maps with 3D acceleration and a couple of RPG enhancements (see the list here).

As this mod is based upon jHexen, it's Windows-only and needs a 3D accelerator card.


Press Coverage for Korax Mod

Gaming Developers Connection (GDC, in the meantime under the anme ModsOnline) interviewed our team a short time after the 2.0 release of Korax Mod. Read it here.


Praise for Korax Mod


"...not satisfied with merely creating an OpenGL port, you have added terrific RPG features to it as a bonus. Thanks for all guys, and be sure your efforts are not in vain..."


"...this is an awesome piece of coding - thanx for making it available to the world"


..."this mod has completely revived Hexen for me! Thank you so much... best mod I've ever played"


"KMOD makes Hexen rock even more! I just wonder, why didn't Raven and id do it that way in the first place?"


"I was impressed as this modification adds the interesting elements of RPGs that lacked in the original game. The excellent work of this mod turns Hexen yet more suberb!"


"It's the best hexen mod I have ever played... thanx for making a so cool mod - (personally I think it's even better than Hexen II, specially because of the RPG elements)."


"OPH MY F***NG GOD! I never knew Hexen would be sooooo much fun with the Korax MOD and the 3D engine. WOOOOOOOOOOW I think I wil be playing this alot more than my Aliens versus Predator 2"


"This made me like Hexen"


"I haven't played something this addicting since 1998."


"...when I first tried it I didn't see any changes but a couple of minutes later I found out tons of good new stuff... GOD I love these mods they're the -BEST- I've ever played. D**n this is good."


"I just came to know about your projects for Hexen, and I was amazed by the talent of your team, your determination to do the best. The RPG system works perfectly, the ideas are awesome, very well done too. A great addition for my all-time favourite game, Hexen! Thanks a lot for your work and perseverance!"


"I've played Hexen so many times I can almost do it in my sleep, but this made it new and exciting while keeping the spirit of the original game."


"You are the best - I can't wait until the next project is finished for download!"


"I just wanted to say this port is a great Hexen enhancement, adding new facets to the gameplay. If you're into Hexen at all, it's worth grabbing."


"You've given us a new Hexen"



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